Beauty Center

An old tradition and a persistent research
of the Messèguè Centre
transform into beauty.
Wellness programs allow
to shape your body and rejuvenate your face

takes care of your skin in a natural way. Exclusive face and body treatments are ready to meet the needs of each individual.

are made only by medicinal herbs. The dosages and concentration measurements of the
ingredients in the Messèguè Centre Infusions are perfectly balanced and therefore suitable for everyone.
These infusions are useful for the wellness of the organism and taste delicious.

The offer is integrated with the cutting edge technologies to meet every need:

latest generation’s machinery, uses different technologies that strengthen each other (laser lipolysis, infrared, vacuum and radiofrequency) to shape the body and revitalize the face.

is a pleasing aesthetic treatment created by the Mességué Centre that shapes the body in a non-invasive way. This treatment, with its highly powerful draining and detoxifying actions, activates elastin protein and reinforces connective tissue allowing an aimed weight loss in troublesome areas and restoring body’s natural tonicity.

with its powerful features, precision and maximum
efficiency it represents the innovation inside the progressive epilation industry.

The energy generated by DFA Fiber is transferred directly to the hair bulb through an optical fiber with an increase in energy and efficiency by nearly a 100%.
Suitable for all skin types, from 1 to 6.

Inside our structure you can find basic beauty services like:

– manicure
– pedicure
– waxing
eyelashes extension
– specific cure of nails

We offer beauty services with the highest professionality for men and women to always look good.

Sunrays, or more precisely UV rays inside the sunrays, hold beneficial features useful for our body.
The sun represents cheerfulness, life, pleasure and wellbeing. The sun is the synonym of holidays, long walks, outdoors activities.
We offer a tanning bed and facial tanning to meet everyone’s predilections for artificial sunbathing.

The holistic operator is a socially innovative figure that helps individuals to seek for the psychophysical harmony with the aid of natural, energetic and spiritual methodologies. This operator works with healthy people or with the healthy part of the suffering ones to encourage the flourishing of interior serenity.

Yoga is a practice where philosophy, hygiene, meditation and physical exercises work harmoniously to maintain a healthy existential condition.
Yoga improves the quality of life and gives possibilities to go back to a natural reality through exercises that lead to a closer approach to the deep dimensions of our being.