The Mességué Center approach aims at guaranteeing the total well-being of its customers: they must feel at ease in their own skin and body, and achieve a dynamic balance between external appearance and inner serenity. This is why we decided to offer our customers yoga classes.
Yoga represents an activity in which philosophy, meditative practices and body exercises merge: it improves the quality of life and offers the possibility of regaining inner harmony through practices that bring us closer to our essence. The type of yoga we offer belongs to the tradition of Hatha Yoga, which acts in a beneficial way on a physical level: it loosens the spine, improves muscle elasticity and reactivates diaphragmatic breathing. It also favours relaxation and concentration, releasing energy and ensuring calmness and serenity to those who practice it.


Tuesday and Thursday from 7.30 am to 08.30 am
Monday and Wednesday from 02.00 pm to 03.00 pm

Info & bookings: 0431 422217