Medical center


Inside the Medical Centre “Terme di Lignano” the staff is composed by:

  • Employees:
    • Administrative officer
      Gloria ANESE;
    • Receptionist
      Nataliya BILETSKA;
  • Independent contractors:
    • Medical director
      Dr. Ugo COLONNA;
    • Medical practitioner physiatrist
      Dr. Guido DE LUCA;
    • Medical practitioner orthopedist
      Dr. Fausto ZANELLI;
    • Physiotherapists
      Alberto DEOTTO;

      Elio DI FRANCESCO;
      Miriam CORTELLO;
    • Psychology and psychotherapy expert
      Dr. Marianna PAGOTTO;
    • General medicine medical practiotioner
      Dr. Giovanni PICCOLO.


General medicine

General medicine deals with global cure of the patient,
it focuses on prevention through identification and removal of risk factors that aims at obstruction of the development of diseases.


Orthopedics is a diagnostic and therapeutic medical branch aimed at prevention and cure of disorders of the bones, associated joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.


Physiatry, or more specifically Physical and Rehabilitation medicine, evaluates problems related to musculoskeletal and nervous systems that lead to partial, recoverable or degenerative loss of functional ability and independence.


Physiokinesitherapy aims at functional independence and prevention of secondary medical complications throughout physical and manual therapies and instrumental and electromedical ones.



Psychology is a discipline that aims at promotion of wellbeing and health of the individual from a bio-psychosocial point of view. Psychotherapist is a professional figure that carries out activities of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, health promotion, habilitation and rehabilitation of issues connected to emotional, affectional, relational and cognitive fields, in order to improve the quality of life.