The Mességué center, in close connection with its specialized procedures for weight loss and detox, has selected the best professionals in the field of dietology. This discipline, also called dietetics, deals with nutrition, studying the effects of each food on metabolic processes and digestion, and is very useful both for those who intend to lose weight and for those who want to adopt a more correct and healthy diet. The dieticians of our Center have carried out highly specialized training courses, in order to identify, for each patient, a personalized path that takes into account physical characteristics, preferences and objectives: the ultimate goal is the formulation of a tailor-made diet.

Our professionals propose a path that always begins with a frank and constructive dialogue with the patient, so as to determine the starting condition (weight, nutrition, body mass index, lifestyle, approach and relationship with food) and goals (substantial weight loss, sports diet, toning). Depending on purposes, a tailor-made program is prepared: if followed with constancy, it can really revolutionize the patient lifestyle, appearance and health, and present significant improvements from the very first sessions.