Electrophoresis is a recent technique that allows the elimination of fat deposits located in specific areas of our body, such as hips, abdomen, thighs, knees: it uses highly specialized products and equipment.
It dissolves the fat, thus reducing the volume of fat pads and intervening on the most “stubborn” cellulite. Through the activation of an electric current, not dangerous and above all painless for the patient, dermis cells are brought to regenerate themselves, eliminating harmful substances and increasing nutrients and biostimulants that flow in the blood.

The procedure associated with electrophoresis does not replace liposculpture and can only intervene in the case of fatty deposits located in specific areas: it is therefore not used in cases of obesity or general overweight, and it cannot replace diets or regular exercise. Electrophoresis does not lead to weight loss, but reduces centimetres in certain body areas, thus reshaping the silhouette and making it more toned and smooth. The cost is certainly lower than in a real surgery, and a cycle of interventions involves about 12 sessions, to be carried out on a weekly basis to obtain visible results.