Filler is an increasingly common practice in aesthetic medicine: although it is a non-invasive operation, it must be performed by a professional, since it directly affects the dermis or the patient’s subcutaneous tissue. It consists on a substance that is injected in the area you want to improve, in order to correct imperfections, wrinkles or scars. It is an excellent, effective and innovative alternative to plastic surgery, as it is less invasive and less debilitating. Its applications involve very common women imperfection: from the smoothing of wrinkles around the eyes, the much hated crow’s feet, to the filling of expression wrinkles or folds typical of aging, to the correction of scars originated from juvenile acne or surgical interventions. Filler can also be used for improvement as well as corrective purposes, to increase lip volume, or to remodel shape and volume of cheekbones, chin and forehead.