Mesotherapy is a valid ally for women who intend to combat cellulite and water retention. In fact, it eliminates the stagnation of liquids that accumulate in the skin and subcutaneously, stretching and elasticizing the skin. Furthermore, mesotherapy, by eliminating excess fluids, has a detoxifying function since it also eliminates the waste contained in them. The term, which refers to the word mesoderm (the middle-deep layer of the dermis), indicates that the substances injected into the patient’s body penetrate up to this layer. It is generally practiced through the use of very thin needles, which inject very small doses of drugs as close as possible to the affected area: a single needle can be used or a system of many needles very close to each other. In this way the quantity of substances used is very small compared to other practices, and remains limited to a limited part of the organism, without involving other organs and tissues. The effect is therefore intense and very prolonged over time.