Many are those who would like to receive a face lifting without scalpels, hospitalization and anesthesia: modern existing techniques can satisfy this need, through non-surgical facelift treatments. The advantages of this method, one of the most popular among Hollywood stars in recent years, are countless: costs are much lower than in a real intervention, recovery times of one’s daily activities are quite fast. The non-surgical facelift consists in using powerful chemical peels, which exfoliate and completely regenerate the skin, also stimulating the renewal of elastic fibers and collagen: generally they contain glycolic acid, which produces a real plumping and smoothing effect, leading to a substantial rejuvenation of the face. A single small drawback: recovery times. The post-treatment can in fact cause swelling, redness, ecchymosis, and the patient cannot expose himself to the sun for at least ten days: after a couple of weeks it is possible to resume his daily activities without any problem.