The contemporary life, with its frenzy and its increasingly fast-paced rhythms, often puts us in harsh situations: many of us have to face particularly stressful periods at work, problems in social relations, or moments of profound sadness and disorientation.
It can happen to anyone and, although some people distrust the role of therapy, the latter can be a really useful tool to understand one’s mind, and to find a balance that seem lost. A psychologist acts to improve the ability of patients to understand themselves and behave in an informed way: once the issue has been identified, the psychologist plans the interventions to be made, relying on the patient’s personal resources.

The benefits of a consultation with a professional psychologist can positively affect not only the individual, but also a couple or a whole family, when difficulties arise in interpersonal relationships. In some cases the intervention of a psychologist may not be sufficient: with a deeper and long lasting suffering, rooted in past causes, or with bigger issues, which jeopardize the patient’s daily “functioning”, the psychologist can assess the need for therapeutic treatment, to be carried out by a psychotherapist. The Mésségué center works with of an excellent professional, who is able to follow both psychological and psychotherapy visits.