Beauty Technologies


The Mességué Center use the latest beauty technologies in a clever and effective way, using the most advanced and cutting-edge available tools, and combining them with other treatments aimed at firming, toning and reshaping the body.

We have selected the best professional beauty equipment, selecting them among the most effective and innovative. We aim to offer you non-invasive treatments, in order to make your experience pleasant, relaxing and absolutely not traumatic. Our machines, used by experts exclusively, reshape the body circumference and revitalize face skin, creating a wonderful lifting effect without any surgery!

Prezzi Endosphères Therapy

Compressive micro-vibration, a method 100% made in Italy that represents a new era for cellulite and wrinkles treatment.


T-Shape is a multisystem that reshapes the body and revitalizes the face.

T-Shape uses three different technologies: LLLT Laser Treatment, Multipolar Radiofrequency and Vacuum Massage. Their combination recompacts and improves the skin aspect, reduces adipose tissues, remodels body volumes, works as a post-liposuction treatment and has a face lifting effect.

Prezzi T-Shape / LPG

This painless method that allows you to get in shape by reducing localized fat deposits and reshaping the circumferences in an effective and lasting way. (price per minute)
To obtain a thinner face, relax face muscles, drain face liquids and tone skin. It can treat neck, forehead, cheeks, jaw line, eye contour and lips in a short time.


Many women engage in real struggles against extra weight, sometimes putting their serenity at risk.

To tackle all this, our center proposes the Infra Baldan 3.0 treatment which is based on the combination of moderate and constant physical activity, with selected wavelength infrared radiation.
Through a pleasant and effortless process weight loss becomes progressive and natural.