The Mességué Center experts offer several types of massages

Massage is one of the oldest and most widespread forms of physical therapy, used to relieve pain, treat contractures, and relax the whole body.
The most archaic forms of massage originated in India and China and were then adopted all over the world. Massages can have many goals, focusing on the general well-being of the whole body or on a particular area: our masseurs offer general massages, such as relaxing massage (50, 40 or 30 minutes), or localized massages, like leg draining massages, face massages, or plantar reflexology, which aims to stimulate some specific foot points, to restore the balance of the whole body.

Moreover, the Mességué Center offers massages dedicated to athletes and services designed for those who practice competitive sports, together with traditional massages from exotic countries. We can mention the Thai massage, which derives from ancient Eastern theories and combines some specific patient positions with massages performed through various parts of the body (hands, elbows, feet, knees); the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, which starts from the patient’s heart and spreads to all body ends; the tuina, a Chinese massage based on acupressure, and the famous shiatsu massage, which focuses on pressing meridians, the “paths” connecting various body points of the body that are released thanks to this technique.

Massage Prices

The most complete relaxation, prevention and cool-down experience: the relaxing massage will allow you to remove stress, reactivate blood circulation, restore vital energy and prevent disorders such as migraine, back pain and water retention. (Prices from)
Massage is a great help for all those who practice sports, as it can prepare the muscles for competitive performances or treat them after a traumatic event, favouring their recovery. In this version the massage is a total body massage, stimulating the athlete’s recovery and psycho-physical well-being. (Prices from)
During the normal dynamics of opening or closing the mouth an annoying "click" can be felt: this is a symptom of a temporomandibular joint pathology. This massage aims at relaxing all the muscles from temples to shoulders.
A widespread problem that particularly affects women is that of swollen legs, together with water retention. This is why the leg draining massage can be a real panacea: it drains the liquids from stagnating body areas, in order to favour their natural expulsion.
Sometimes our face has abnormal swellings, which are often found in the area around the eyes. To eliminate them it is advisable to intervene with a draining massage, which is concentrated both on the face and on the neck: it unblocks the lymphatic circulation, pushing excess fluids, full of toxins, towards the lymph nodes, which then will eliminate them.
This type of massage rebalances the entire body in order to stimulate its self-healing ability, giving a deep relaxation.
According to ancient branches of oriental medicine, feet play a fundamental role in the psychophysical harmony of our body, since they influence other body areas, being closely connected to them. Reflexology uses these connections and works to rebalance the harmony of the organism, intervening on all sides of feet and legs. (Prices from)
The traditional Thai massage is performed on a futon, or tatami, with the client fully dressed: it is carried out on the "Sen", the energy channels of our body, to release the energy that circulates and that sometimes undergoes interruptions. It consists on pressing the body with thumbs or hands, or doing stretching movements derived from Yoga.
The Thai massage on the bed with oil is a variation of the traditional Thai massage: it works on the 10 Sen channels, also called Energy Lines, to reactivate a correct transport of energy within our body. It has a draining and strongly relaxing effect.
The Lomi Lomi massage, an ancient technique from the indigenous peoples of Hawaii, is also called "soul massage" or "love massage”. Rhythmic and deep movements evoke the waves of the sea, relax the muscles and give a great feeling of serenity.
The bamboo massage comes from the ancient Chinese tradition, a land where light bamboo canes are considered to be lucky charms as well as symbols of harmony and peace. Bamboo is used for rolling and sliding manoeuvres, which have a decontracting and reactivating effect on circulation.
An ancient Japanese massage, which aims to restore the vital energy of each individual. The latter passes through the "ki", the meridians of our body: alterations blocks that sometimes occur within the "ki", and that lead to tensions, are treated by the masseur to restore the physiological energy flows.

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