Online booking rules

Your receipt entitles you to use the equipment hired and should always be shown to staff upon request.
The Management reserves the  right to change the price list from one year to another and to rearrange the layout of the changing huts and beach umbrellas however it thinks best. The Management guarantees that a beach umbrella will be assigned to each booking, but does not guarantee the number of that umbrella.

General Rules:
a) Pitch changes are possible only if requested before the start of your stay.
b) In accordance with Section 55 of the Codice del Consumo (Italian Consumer Protection Code), escape clauses do not apply to the provision of a “beach service”, therefore it is not possible to back out of a booking.
c) No more than 4 (four) sunbeds or deckchairs may be placed under any one beach umbrella.
d) Receipts for any unused (for whatever reason) daily or seasonal bookings will not be refunded.
e) No weekend bookings (including public holidays) shall be accepted unless the entire amount due is paid
in advance.


Before completing your booking, please carefully check the beach office, dates and beach place you have chosen.
You cannot cancel or change a completed booking. No money will be refunded for any reason whatsoever. Discounts, as per the price list, will be applied to bookings for continuous periods. A beach place comprises one beach umbrella and two loungers, two deckchair and one small table.
Bookings may be paid for by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro). Credit card payments are encrypted and absolute protection of the client’s data is guaranteed.
Online purchasing gives you the possibility of going directly to your reserved beach place without going first to the beach office. The customer receives an e –mail with a voucher from which he can download  the quittance  and it should always be shown to staff upon request.


*The first time you make the registration, is necessary to write all your personal data.
Click on booking on the beach page. When the beach office map opens you will see which places are available and you can choose the place and date you prefer. After selecting your place on the map click on PURCHASE, then all you have to do is add your:


then click on PROCEED TO PAYMENT. You go to the Carta Si page where you can enter your credit card details. At the end of the purchasing procedure you will receive an e-mail with a voucher from which you can download  the quittance

Avoid the queues, go straight to your beach umbrella and relax. The quittance should always be shown to staff upon request.

Once you have started the purchasing procedure you have 15 minutes to complete it. After this cut-off period any beach places selected during an unfinished procedure will be made available again. You may book up to maximum four beach places.