Hydrokinetic therapy, also known as water rehabilitation, consists of a series of treatments and exercises that take place in water.

. This precious substance causes the reduction of body weight, (up to 90% of the initial weight), facilitating the intervention of the therapist, who can work in an easier way and implement several techniques: passive or active mobilization, lengthening of the vertebral column, gradual limbs movement. If the patient is autonomous, he/she is still followed by the physiotherapist out of water: the latter instructs and corrects, evaluating the execution of the planned exercises. The water has a further important property: it resists movement proportionally to its speed, in a uniform and equally distributed way. This allows the patient to reinforce the part affected by the therapy in an adequate and gradual process, without forcing excessively movements and controlling water resistance; it also provides the opportunity to work on balance in a safe environment, where falling does not involve any traumatic consequences.