Pregnancy is a special moment in a woman's life, and can lead to rapid and unexpected physical, hormonal and emotional changes.

There are frequent cases of women who, especially in the last trimester, experience back pain, generalized tiredness, weakening of the pelvic floor muscles, mobility problems. This is why a physiotherapist can really help the patient solve these problems through a series of targeted sessions: these can strengthen pelvic floor muscles, which are essential to childbirth and right after it (since an incomplete muscle recovery can cause disorders such as prolapse or incontinence). Besides, they can teach the best positions to keep when in labour; they can correct wrong postures, often deriving from weight gain and causing severe pain in the lumbar area; finally, after giving birth, they can help a new mother recover all physical functions and restore her psychophysical well-being.

The physiotherapist can also intervene on newborns when necessary: it is important to carry out an early diagnosis of problems emerging in the first months of a child life, such as head asymmetry, stiff neck, scoliosis , foot dimorphisms, slowed motor development.
Obviously, the visit takes place in the least invasive way: the child is observed in a situation of spontaneous play and interaction, and customized treatments are then developed. They are composed of different techniques that do not cause pain (manual therapy, stretching, exercises presented as games), and activities explained to be repeated at home with parents.